Tournament Information

Teams of 10 (or more) players will compete in 6 inning kickball games. Teams are required to be composed of at least 4 females. In order to keep the tournament moving, the games will be capped at 45 minutes and no new innings will begin after the 40 minute mark. There’s a lot of kickball to be played!

The tournament will be round robin style. Each team will play 3 games, with the top teams playing in a bracket for the championship. Standings after the round robin phase will be determined by win/loss record and runs scored.

The home team has a right to play the bottom of the inning even if they are winning, since points scored will be a tie breaker for the standings.

Games will follow a basic baseball/kickball format, with some additional kickball specific rules. Rock, Paper, Scissors will be played by the captains of each team at the beginning of the game to determine the home and away team.

The defense needs to stay behind an “imaginary” line that is made by connecting first to third base, with the exception of the catcher.
– The catcher has a specific box on the third base line they are allowed to be in. The catcher can play up the 3rd baseline no closer than 10 feet from the kicking arch. The catcher cannot cross into fair territory till the ball is kicked. The catcher CANNOT reach into fair territory until the ball is kicked. If a catcher is standing on the foul line and is hit with the kick, it is a fair ball.
– Outfielders need to stay in the outfield until the ball is kicked.
– Six players are allowed in the infield. First, second, and third base; shortstop, pitcher, and catcher.
– Runners can be hit with the ball for an out, but if it hits above the neck it is not an out.
– Number of males/females in the infield must be equal.

Teams will roll (pitch) to their own team, with the following rules:

  • 2 strike rule
    • a ball that isn’t kicked is a strike
    • a ball that is foul is a strike
    • basically – 2 pitch max

– Plant foot must stay behind home plate when kicking. If the plant foot is in front of the plate it is considered a foul ball and is played as such (i.e. the fielding team can catch it for an out)
– Kicking order is required to rotate between male and female. If there are more members of one gender than the other, then the kicking order shall consist of an order for males and order for females, with the male female rotation still in effect. Kicking order cannot change once the game has started. If your team has more than 10 players, team members are not required to play in field to kick. However, all field players must kick. (If you have 12 people on your team, all 12 can kick, 10 can play in the field).
– If the ball touches a runner in fair territory, they are out and it is a dead ball.
– Runners may NOT lead off the base before the ball is kicked. This will result in the runner being called out.


For additional rules and guidelines, please see the official Dayton Sportcial kickball rules located here. Not all the rules from the Sportcial league will be in effect, however, they are a good baseline if you have questions.